Center for Health Equity and Social Justice

The center, a collaborative with 904WARD, Florida Health Justice Project and the Hispanic Federation, serves as a statewide hub for community engagement, innovative training, research and resources to contribute to efforts where health equity and social justice will improve for all Floridians.

As a comprehensive community hub, the center develops and implements strategies to improve access and opportunity for every person to attain their full health and potential by addressing social and structural determinants of health. The center accomplishes its mission through innovative training models, practical and community-centered research, and accessible resources. 


An equitable and just society where all have an opportunity to be healthy, prosper, and thrive.


To create lasting and impactful tools that eliminate challenges and systemic barriers to achieving health equity and social justice.

The center’s efforts are focused on four pillars: 


Community Engagement

Listening, learning, and understanding, to engage diverse voices to inform its priorities and action agenda.


Living Research Labs

Co-designing research initiatives with community and academic partners to develop and implement practical tools, best practices, and models to eliminate inequities.



Offering educational resources and training opportunities that address health equity and social justice issues while meeting the learning needs of diverse populations.


Follow Up & Sustainability

Providing post-training support and continued engagement, including publishing outcomes and lessons learned through various communication platforms, reports, and community forums.

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