Food Pharmacy

Improve health through proper nutrition

A prescriptive nutrition care model using social determinants of health, current health conditions, and accessibility to improve patient health. Carefully curated food items are sourced by the Urban Health Alliance and selected by nutritionists and dieticians to have the broadest impact on a patients’ overall health.

Through one-on-one counseling, patients are identified as being food insecure, often suffering from diabetes, hypertension, or other conditions.

Patients are welcomed to the Food Pharmacy bi-weekly to receive an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, and meats as available. Seasonal vegetables give a variety of options for patients to choose from.

The Food Pharmacy also offers cooking classes and nutritional education to enhance the patient experience giving them an opportunity to learn new, delicious cooking techniques with nutritious foods.

We believe patient care doesn’t start at the clinic but in the home. The Food Pharmacy empowers patients to understand how the food they put into their bodies affects them. Our goal is to see a vibrant, healthy community.

Progress (updated July 2023)

The Food Pharmacy, in conjunction with its partners, distributed over 67 tons of curated, nutritious food to over 300 patients in 2022.

We have had a significant impact on the patients we serve with recent surveys of 91% of the patient population, as measured every 6 months, indicating promising results.

  • 81% of our diabetic patients have achieved their goal to stabilize or lower their A1C.
  • 58% of our patients will have a decrease in weight or maintain a healthy weight as measured every six months by patient medical records.
  • 74% of our hypertensive patients have achieved their goal to stabilize or lower their blood pressure to at or below 140/90.

Nutrition Education: The nutrition program provides a myriad of approaches to enhance interest and knowledge related to good nutrition.

Cooking Talent: The classes provide health options based upon current food offerings.  In addition to providing a variety of cooking ideas, the classes offer an opportunity to develop a support group and lasting friendships.

The Food Pharmacy is not only an avenue to wellness but to building strong communities.

Food Pharmacy Spotlight: Allison Williams

Alison is the Food Pharmacy Coordinator and has been an outstanding member of the Urban Health Alliance since she started. Her efforts have been essential in the success of the program; from supply procurement to scheduling to patient care, she has done it all. Patients have lauded Allison’s attention to detail and caring attitude. We are happy to celebrate the tireless work you do!

Educational Resources

Nutrition Education

Our YouTube channel, HowToHealthUF, is an educational assortment of health related videos that range from how to recognize and manage chronic disease, nutrition, cooking classes, and more. It encompasses a whole health approach to wellness.

Patient Education Library

Our patient education library has topics on a variety of topics. Here are a few topics you might find useful!

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Helpful resources with information on topics such as prediabetes, basic skills for living with diabetes, and creating a plan to manage diabetes.


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Helpful resources with information on topics such as the value of being active when you have diabetes, creating an exercise routine, and more.



Helpful resources with information on topics such as healthy food choices, shopping and cooking, dining out, and MyPlate.


Weight Management

Helpful resources with information on topics such as why fad diets don’t work, the importance of support, and healthy food choices.