Social Services Hub

Addressing societal factors which negatively impact health and utilization of health resources.

The Social Services Hub collaborates with organizations to assist clients in addressing their social needs.  A health assessment is conducted to offer an opportunity to explore well-being and to garner a greater understanding on how the environment may be impacting an ability to thrive.   Activities include:

  • Clients can select from a variety of exercises to help them work towards personal goals around self-esteem and outlook.
  • Movement activities, such as yoga, serve as an anchor to help focus on wellbeing and the value of fitness.

The Hub serves as “quarterback” for social needs.  Specifically, the services are provided by area agencies while the hub assists with follow-up and client engagement to provide support through the resource journey.  Resource partners can be found HERE but represent a wide variety, to include mental health, financial health, environmental health, and government agencies.

During the pilot programming, the Hub served over 50 clients, and is now on an accelerated expansion plan which is expected to increase the number of clients and partners.

Social Services Hub Spotlight: Keisha Quaintance

Keisha immediately has made an impact on our clients contributing to the whole health approach of the Urban Health Alliance. Through her work, she enables clients to receive help through our partnership organizations in areas of housing, finance, mental health, and much more. She receives clients with care and understanding while helping them to become resilient through their difficulties. We applaud her efforts!!